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Logging, coppicing, forest planting and maintenance services. Professional attitude.

Forest clearing

The aim of forest clearing is to create the most appropriate stand for the type of forest growing conditions, both in terms of species composition and number of trees, and to provide adequate growing space for these trees. The forest clearing process will remove trees that are stunted, suppressed, decaying or dead, which will sooner or later die completely or collapse, leaving the stand with the healthiest and most promising trees with well-formed crowns that will continue to develop.

Aerial View of Forest
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A full cycle of logging processes throughout the year. We carry out the full logging cycle – felling, roadside logging and log disposal.

Overgrowth removal

We remove overgrowth (trees, bushes) from agricultural land. We clear the land of overgrowth, preparing it for country estates, woodlands, roadsides, ditches and other overgrown areas.

Cutting Woods
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